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Improving Quality of Science Teacher Training in European Cooperation

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Ataturk University, Bayburt Education Faculty, Science Teachers Education Department

Contact person Gender Male
Family name PEKEL First name Feyzi Osman
Department/Unit Science Teachers Education Department, Bayburt Education Faculty
Official function within the institution Assistant Professor Dr. (Vice Dean)
Telephone (including country and area code (+)904582114683 Fax (including country and area code) (+)904582114682
E-mail pekel@atauni.edu.tr

Expertise and role

Bayburt Education Faculty is one of the seventeen faculties of this university. Ataturk University has 4 education faculties in different cities of the East Anatolian Region of the Turkey. Bayburt Education Faculty was established in 2002. There are two departments: Science Teacher Training Department and Primary School Teacher Training Department.. Duration of the teacher training is four years. The first graduates of the science teachers will complete their studies in June 2008 and the first graduates of the primary school teachers will finish in June 2007. The partner worked as research assistant for Kazým Karabekir Education Faculty of the Ataturk University between 1998-2005. His interests are science education, biology education and environmental education. He has PhD degree on biology education. He is an author of many articles in his research fields. In 2005 he was appointed as Assistant Professor Dr. to the Bayburt Education Faculty. Now he is working on about science education and environmental education. He is also teaching science and biology in the Faculty. He was appointed as vice- dean at the Faculty of Education.

Specific tasks

This institution will be responsible for: organization of 1meeting of the project team in TR. The project partners from Turkey are going to search the literature and read all the relevant literature, to design 1 module ´Using the Laboratory to Enhance Student Learning and Scientific Inquiry´ and to prepare training materials, presentation of 2 students´ portfolio, co-ordination of the work on training materials.