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Improving Quality of Science Teacher Training in European Cooperation

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Siauliai University, Faculty of Education, Department of Education

Contact person Gender Male
Family name Lamanauskas First name Vincentas
Department/Unit Faculty of Education, Department of Education
Official function within the institution professor
Telephone (including country and area code (+)370 41 595710 Fax (including country and area code) (+)370 41 595710
E-mail vincentaslamanauskas@yahoo.com

Expertise and role

This University provides scientific education in all subjects as well as initial and pre-service teacher training. Expertise: experience in science education, presentation in international conferences and journals, authors of the most widely used textbooks, experience in co-operation: scientist exchange programmes with several European and non-European universities in all fields, SOCRATES/ERASMUS in the project subjects with several universities. Institution cooperates with rural school very closely.

Specific tasks

This institution will be responsible for: organization of 1 meeting of the project team, needs analyse, organization of the cooperation on Compendium with competencies of science teacher students and preparation of final draft; design of 1 module : ´European Dimension in Integrated Science Education´, design of training materials, portfolio, evaluation of the project.