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Improving Quality of Science Teacher Training in European Cooperation

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Palacký University in Olomouc, Faculty of Science, Department of Experimental Physics

(Name and Contact Address of the coordinator)

Title (optional)(e.g. Mr, Mrs, Prof., Dr, etc.) Prof. RNDr., CSc.
Family name Nezvalová First name Danuše
Department/Unit Faculty of Science Palacký University Department of Experimental Physics
Official function within the institution Professor
Street Tř. 17. listopadu Street number 50
Postcode 772 00 Town / City Olomouc
Country code CZ Region code CZ07
Telephone (including country and area code (+420) 585 634 180 Fax (including country and area code) (+420)5225737
E-mail danuse.nezvalova@upol.cz


Position in the project Surname First name E-mail Office phone
Project manager Pokorná Gabriela gabriela.pokorna@upol.cz (+420)585631403
Administrator of the project website Říha Jan jan.riha@upol.cz (+420)585634104
Secretary Beštová Radka mouse.radka@seznam.cz (+420)585634290
Researcher Holubová Renata renata.holubova@upol.cz (+420)585634165

Expertise and role

Faculty of Science is one of the 7 faculties of this university. The Faculty of Science provides initial and in-service teacher training. Coordinator led the research teams working under 3 grants awarded by Ministry of Education in last 5 years in the field of in-service training. She was a leader in the grant of Czech - Canadian project in the field of teachers´ job satisfaction. Recently she was a contact person and active partner in 2 Tempus projects (1996-2000), which were oriented to in-service teacher training, partner in 3 Socrates -Comenius projects and coordinator in 1 project in Socrates Comenius framework. She is an expert in initial teacher training, science curriculum and evaluation. The coordinator has long years experience of initial and in-service teacher training, from design and delivery to evaluation and accreditation. Palacký University is placed in the urban area. Region is mostly agricultural part of Moravia with higher percentage of unemployment than average. The institution cooperates with the rural, urban, and sub-urban schools in the region of Moravia.

Specific tasks

Coordinating institution will be responsible for coordinating and management of the project work, administration of the project, organization of 2 meetings, presentation of the project, web-page administration including electronic version of outputs, publishing and printing of training materials, production of CD Roms, dissemination, evaluation of the project, design of 1 module ´Assessing Science for Understanding - a constructivist approach´, presentation of 2 students´ portfolio.